Our Story

The Origin

A few years ago the founders of Blops retuned to the lands of their ancestry in India. Their goal was to enrich themselves with their culture and country to know more about their families history and origin.

India being a beautiful socially rich country with street food vendors as far as the eye could see. Jaydeep and Nikita saw something familiar yet different. Street food vendors were a selling a snack product that resembled popcorn.

Giving it a try they found their tastebuds to be quite the fan. They were informed that instead of being a popcorn snack it was a popped lotus seed from the lotus plant. Jaydeep and Nikita wanted to make sure this niche unknown snack food was available for all. These thoughts evolved into what would begin the start of a business venture.

Finding a Problem

After doing an incredible amount of research on the lotus plant and its origin, they found it was full of health benefits. However street vendors were deep frying the seeds in oil. This was depleting the snack of its health benefits.

Determined to find a solution to balance flavour and health they returned to England with lotus seeds to resolve this issue. It was found roasting the seeds was ideal to keep concentration on natural flavours and sugars in the seeds. After sheer persistence the correct time, temperature and flavouring was known.

Blops as you know it

Blops is now a family run business. It supplies many stores and cafes around the United Kingdom.

- Blops are always roasted never fried
- Blops are low in calories
- A healthy alternative to typical unhealthy sugar filled snacks

At Blops we are keen to make you see what Jaydeep and Nikita saw on their travels. To enlighten your tastebuds in a snack with a historic place in a culture across the world.