Our Team


Hello. We are ones behind Blops. We are driven and passionate about bringing Blops to the masses. We all play a vital in role in making sure you can get your hands on a packet of Blops. Our members always push to go the extra mile to deliver a job well done.

 co founder of Blops



Hi everyone I'm Jaydeep, one of the co- founders of Blops. I'm a Chemical Engineer by trade. I've seen shelves full of products laced with preservatives, artificial flavours and colours. I thought why not create something that was actually nutritious and a real 100% natural and gourmet snack.

I travelled to India and found these fantastic nutritious lotus seeds and thought, why not bring them back to the UK! That’s how Blops was formed. Our mission is to bring healthy snacks to the masses, that really are 100% natural! We have no added chemicals, preservatives or flavourings in our whole range! Try our wholesome Blops today!

Co founder of Blops



Hi, I'm Nikita. I started Blops with Jay because I wanted to make a difference to society! I'm a pharmacist by trade and I have actually spent many hours researching the best products out there with a high nutrition content. After Jay found the popped lotus seeds from India, I got to work finding analysing them.

They naturally have a high source of magnesium, Iron, phosphorous and some B vitamins! No need for those artificial supplements! Try this ancient superfood today, we're sure we will enlighten your tastebuds!

Ionela Manufacturing Rep at Blops

Manufacturing Rep


Hi, I'm Ionela. I joined Blops as the manufacturing rep! I'm in charge of ensuring quality control and making sure our Blops do enlighten your tastebuds! I've been busy in the Blops kitchen perfecting the recipes and making sure everything is roasted to perfection! Please do let me know what you think of our Blops!